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New & Used Containers Available - No Sales Tax In Oregon


Great Prices For the Quality!


Which Of the Endless Uses Would Your Own Shipping Container Do For you?

Just how do you want to use one or more containers? Do you need a fairly new one, a used one, or perhaps a very used one? If you are going to load it up and use it as a freight container it must be at least of the cargo worthy quality level. Will it be essentially a storage container? Will you be protecting your possessions from thieves in your own giant steel container? Is a used shipping container intended to protect something from weather damage? What might you want to protect?

Are you considering building a shipping container home, a group of dwellings somewhere, an apartment complex, or as some other kind of container architecture? Will one or more of them be used on your farm, your ranch, or your business? They are terrific for equipment storage. Will you be transforming what was a cargo container into an office or into a work shop? How about making one into a trailer, a coffee shop, a cafe, a bar, a little shop, a market stall, a rural medical clinic, a portable studio, a cabin, or a camper? You could transform them into portable show rooms, remote libraries, animal stables, garages, septic tanks, workout rooms, a garden sheds, a saunas, a temporary shelter for the homeless, or perhaps into a permanent private space for yourself. The walls, ceiling, and doors of standard shipping containers are solid metal, and the floors are typically made of wood. They have numerous uses.

Worldwide Network Of Superior Supplier Yards

Not all container vendors are equal. One yard tells you they can sell you a container of a particular quality for less than another yard. Is it really of comparable quality? If you are close enough to a container yard that has a good reputation, our suggestion is that you go there to see containers in person to make your selection. If that is impractical for you perhaps we can help you. We are connected with a yard in the Northwest that has an excellent reputation. That yard, in turn, has associates all over the country, and around the globe. Tell us what you want, and if your request is realistic, we may be able to help you acquire the container or containers you seek. We have good prices for the used container quality, but we are not a bargain basement source.

Different Sizes, Types, And Quality Levels Of Shipping Containers To Choose From
Most Common Sizes: 20’, 40’
Less Available Size: 10'
The Other Sizes Are Too Rare for Us To Market

Most Common Styles: standard dry, high cube
(high cube is common in 40’ and rare on 20’ containers)

Much Less Available Styles: 20’ set (has 2 – 8’ containers nested inside), open top
open side, ventilated, insulated, doors on both ends, *refrigerated, generator built in

We do not sell custom modified shipping containers
See measurements at container dimensions
* we will only sell refrigerated units located in the Northwest

Made To Order: Have containers built the way you need them - 50 container minimum
If you need more than 50 empty shipping containers, you need them to be good quality new units, and you want them built all with some special features, we can have that done for you. If you order and pay up front for at least 50 containers, not only can you save a lot per container, but we can have all kinds of customization done for you. It is easiest to help you with 20' and 40' containers, but the other container lengths are available also. You could get them with singe doors, doors at both ends, open top, open side. You could change the type of floor. You could make them ventilated or insulated. You can have them all done your preferred color. You can get them with fork pockets, lock boxes, etc. You tell us what you need. We will tell you if we can do what you request, and for how much. The 50 container minimum on made to order containers is not negotiable.

Multiple Shipping Container Quality Levels Are Available To Select From

Made to Order: containers built to your specs - minimum of 50

Best Quality: New (means no more than one trip) - any quantity

The Next Best: IICL5 ( excellent quality – near new) - any quantity

Shipping Quality: Cargo Worthy (lowest for shipping) - any quantity

Excellent Storage: Wind & Water Tight (not perfectly) - any quantity

Lowest Quality: Burn Box (rough condition – less available) - any quantity

How Realistic Is It For You To Try To Buy A Shipping Container For Your Location?

   (Check out these container locating issues before inquiring about your own container)

Do your county zoning laws allow you to place your container where you want?

If considering shipping container architecture will local zoning laws permit that?

Would you have the container delivered to you with a tilt bed truck?

Or would you arrange your trucking and unload with a crane or giant forklift?

Are you within a reasonable distance from a large city with container yards?

Can a long delivery truck navigate the roads that approach your destination?

Can your destination property driveway be accessed by a long enough truck?
(35’ of total truck length for a 20’ container or 55’ of truck for a 40’ container)

What Kind Of Shipping Container Would you like A Price On?

Please realize that some container sizes and styles are more difficult to locate than others. Even a size that is common most of the time can run out at a particular yard for a time. Prices will vary from yard to yard and from time to time. If a yard needs to bring in a size or style they are out of to fill your need it will cost a little extra (known by you up front). Some requests will be easy to satisfy. Others might be too unrealistic to fulfill. We do not rent, lease, or customize containers.

* Payment for container precedes shipment of container – No C.O.D.’s

Please go to container availability inquiry


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, OR 97402


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