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We also have laminated tires for rotary mowers and finish mowers: Go to mower tires.


Lowery, Andy, & Sitrex mowers for under 30hp tractors

Lowery rotary mower - 42" - $604
Lowery rotary mower - 4' - $610
Lowery rotary mower - 5' - $629
Lowery rotary mower - 6' - $738

HD Andy rotary cutter - 5' - $674
HD Andy rotary cutter - 6' - $772
Andy's lower edge made of 6" channel running length of cutter
for use in fields containing more than the usual amount of rock

Sitrex Italian finish mower - 4' - $1,340
Sitrex Italian finish mower - 5' - $1,370
Sitrex Italian finish mower - 6' - $1,490

New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Flash) - 40" - $1,122
New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Flash) - 48" - $1,178
New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Holiday) - 41" - $1,343
New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Holiday)- 49" - $1,374
New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Holiday) - 57" - $1,458
New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Holiday) - 65" - $1,584

Each manufacturer above has a website with pictures, etc.
Lowery is the maker of the Lowrey and Andy mowers

The above mowers and tillers are in stock in the Southeast US
Ask for your shipping quote at
(Povide contact info, city, state, zip for quote)

The mowers below are out of stock, so we have asked one of our other long term
suppliers to help us supply quality rotary mowers, finish mowers, and new tillers at
the best dealer prices they can afford to extend to us. We add only a small profit to
keep your purchase price as reasonable as possible for this nicer quality equipment.

Mower Types We Offer: Best-Used-Tractors LLC sells 3-point tractor mounted rotary mowers, and rear mounted finish mowers at excelent prices from our midwest supply yard. In the near future we will also market some terrific zero turn mowers.

Rotary Mowers: We have 48" rotary mowers, 60" rotary mowers, and 72" rotary mowers. Each is a category one, three point hitch mounted, rear discharge tractor mower. Both mower models have adjustable cutting heights. Our "brush hogs" work best on tractors from 22 hp to 35 hp.

Finish Mowers: We typically stock 60" finish mowers and 72" finish mowers.These lawn cutting mowers are rear discharge models that are three point mounted on category one tractors. Cutting height on each finish mower model is adjustable. Our 60" model works best on 17-28 horsepower tractors. Our 72" tractor pulled finish mower can be used on 22-42 horsepower tractors.

Emails to us get quicker responses than telephone calls to us.

Or call in your order
Monday - Friday: 9am- 5pm (PST)
Go to Contacts Page

Go to rotary mowers
Go to finish mowers

We also sell laminated mower tires.


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