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Mini Truck Accessories
Accessories for Japanese Mini Trucks

You have reached the largest offering of mini truck accessories on the internet. We can help you with:

  • Accessories that lift your truck without throwing off the camber
  • Attaching whatever you want to your truck with hitches that solidly bolt to your unit
  • Fender flares to deflect those flying rocks
  • Heavy-duty front coil springs to keep you from bottoming out
  • Brush guards to protect the front of your truck
  • Gate rail covers to protect and beautify behind the cab
  • A rumble seat for extra passengers
  • Much, much more.


To Purchase Accessories Go To Accessories Inquiry/Order Form

Or call in your inquiry/order
Monday - Friday: 9am- 5pm (PST)

Contact: Rick McClain at 503-922-0031

These are not generic.
We will need to collect information from you on these:
Winched Cranes
Subframe Mounted ROPS
Scissor Lifts
You Name It


All accessory prices exclude shipping except camo kits and winches.


Japanese Mfg OEM Style Lift Kits
Sold in Japan As Options On New Trucks
The Best Lifts For Dealing With Camber
Perfect Fit - Easiest Of All To Install
These Are All 2" Mini Truck Lift Kits
We Have 2 Hole Styles and 3 Hole Styles
Versions For Carb Makes & Injected Makes
Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, & Daihatsu
Lift Kit Price - $150.00 Shipping - $20.00
Appearance Varies - No Photo

Japanese Mini Truck Differential Drop Lifts
These Are Also Called Body Lifts
For 1999 & Newer Model Trucks

These Lift Kits Are The Differential Drop Style
These Lifts Do Not Distort Camber

They Keep The Geometry The Same As From The Factory
With No Added Strain Or Wear On The Axles
These Kits Require Steering Shaft Lengthening

We Supply The Steering Shaft Extension That You Weld In Place
Kits Come With Bolts And With Installation Instructions

Body Lift Style Kits (Dif Drop)
Suzuki DB52T Lift - 4" - $230.00
Suzuki DA62T Lift- 4" - $230.00
Suzuki DA63T Lift - 4" - $230.00
Suzuki DA65T Lift - 4" - $230.00

Mazda DG63T Lift - 4" - $230.00

Mitsubishi U62T Lift - 3" - $230.00
Mitsubishi U62T Lift - 4" - $230.00

A Lift Kit Ships For $20.00 To US Mainland Locations

Suspension Lifts For
1990 to 1998 Mini Trucks

These Suspension Lifts Pre-Adjusted For Camber

No Generic Kits - All Kits Specific To Mini Truck Make
Optimally Pre-Adjusted To Completely Deal With Camber
No Breakable Bolts - No Need To Adjust After Installing
No Steering Shaft Lengthening Required On Pre 1999 Lifts

A Lift Kit Ships For $20.00 To US Mainland Locations

Suspension Lift Kits For 1990 to 1998 Units Below:
 Suzuki Carry lift kit - Mazda Scrum lift kit
Mitsubishi Minicab lift kit - Daihatsu Hijet lift kit

Kits cover
DD51T, DB51T, S81P, S83P, S110P, S210P,
DH51T, DK51T, U15T, U19T, U42T

2" 90-98 lift
use w/ coil springs & 23" tires
2 3/4" 90-98 lift
2 3/4"
Use with 23" tires

Honda Lift Kit
Suspension Lift Kits For:
Honda Acty HA4 Models (1990-1998 only)
These mounts attach to strut by thee bolts
Honda Lift Kits Partly Adjusted For Camber

2" Honda
3" Honda

Subaru Lift Kit Photo Above

Subaru Sambar Lift Kit
Suspension Lift Kits For:
Subaru Models (1990-2008 only)

2" Subaru lift

This Subaru lift kit is more complex than the lift kits
for the other mini truck makes; however, this particular
Subaru lift kit is still far less involved than other Subaru
lift kits. With others, cutting & welding is usually necessary.

Heavy Duty Fenderwell Extensions
Need protection from those extra wide wheels & tires?
Four Fenderwell Extensions $129.00
US Mainland Shipping & Handling $15.00

Bolt On DOT Approved Receiver Hitches  - Front & Rear
These are REAL hitches - not just square tubing with a collar like the others
*Please note that start to serial number determines correct hitch model.

Bolts on - drill in your frame.

2” Rear Bumper-Receiver Hitch (1990-1998 mostly) Black [Female]
23 lbs
Covers Suzuki DD51T DB51T, DB52T
23 lbs
Covers Mitsubishi U42T
23 lbs
Covers Mazda DK51T
23 lbs
Covers Daihat S83P & S110P,
23 lbs
Covers Subaru KS4
23 lbs
Covers Honda HA4 & HA2
23 lbs
Covers Suzuki DD52T, DA62T

Front bumpers vary in length per mini truck manufacturer 
Subaru 18" wide - Suzuki 38" wide - Others in between 

Subaru Front Hitch For Lite Duty Use
All Other Hithces Very Well Anchored 
All Other Hitches Great For Snow Plows
2” Front Receiver Hitch (1990-1998 mostly) Black [Female]
37 lbs
Covers  Suzuki DD51T, DK51T,
37 lbs
Covers  Suzuki DB51T
15 lbs
Covers Mitsubishi  U42T wo/air
15 lbs
Covers Mitsubishi U42T w/air
15 lbs
Covers  Daihatsu S83P
15 lbs
Covers  Daihatsu S110P
10 lbs
Covers Subaru KS4
10 lbs
Covers Honda HA4
SUZDB52 (On Sale)
15 lbs
Suzuki DB52T, DA62T, DA63T, DA65T

Double Tube Bumper & Hitch
A Rear Bumper & Hitch Combination.

Rear Bumper Hitch - Fits All Pre 99 Mini Trucks Except Subaru (Above)
DBL RB Hitch

Front Bumper Hitch Brush Guard
Units To Fit Most Mini Truck Makes & Models
$700.00 + Shipping
Very Solid Unit - Well Anchored - Bolt On Or Weld On

CUSTOM Bumper/Brush Guard & Hitch Combo
You Tell Us What You Want It To Look Like - Sample Concept Above.
We Are Open To All Kinds Of Concepts From You To Build For Your Truck
General Price Range $700.00

Seat Covers For Mini Trucks
Cover Your Torn Seats?
Covers Slide Over Existing Bucket Seats
Durable, Easy To Clean Fabric

One Pair Of Above Covers Delivered Price - $44.00

Hide N Woods Camo Seat Covers
One Pair Delivered Price $55.00

Peaceful Woods Camo Seat Covers
One Pair Delivered Price $88.00

Super Heavy Duty Arched Mini Truck Loading Ramps
The Ramps Are Arched And Reinforced For Extra Strength
The Arching Helps Avoid Bottoming Out When Loading

Load Into Your Mini Truck Or Load Your Mini Truck Into Something Else
Each Ramp Has A 1,250 LB Load Capacity - The Two Together 2,500 LBS
Each Ramp Is 12" Wide And 89" Long
$395.00 Pair

4' by 6' Portable Livestock Truckbed Cage
Can be dismantled for storage or shipping
Livestock cage has sliding back gate

40" tall cage slides into mini truck bed

Truck Hunting Dog Kennels
Small kennel pictured below - 32" X 22" X 20.5" - $199.00
Larger kennel also available - 32" X 32" X 36" - $349.00

Constructed of aircraft aluminum tubing - made in the USA
Polyethylene bottom for easy cleaning
Secures with quick clip pin closure
Only very minor assembly

HD Replacement Coil Spring For Front Strut

Eliminate front strut from bottoming out. Lift the front of the vehicle without lift kits.
It is especially useful when snow plow is in front or very heavy passengers are riding together.

These stronger springs keep your mini truck about 2" higher than standard springs.


Color Varies

Standard Height Coil Spring For Front Strut - All Except Honda & Subaru
Also Available: 200 lb, 225 lb, & 250 lb cpacity per spring
2 ST MT Springs - 275 lb capacity per spring

Variable Capacity Coil Spring For Front Strut - All Except Honda & Subaru
2 VC Springs -varies 225 lb up to 475 lb capacity per spring

All coil springs sets ship for $20.00 to US mainland locations


Rumble Seat
Caution: Rumble Seat For off Road Use Only
Standard Seat - Light weight aluminum tubing frame - quick detach

Deluxe Seat - Heavy duty aluminum tubing frame - quick detach

Vinyl covered, weather-proof cushioned seats
Comes with seat belts


Rumble Seat Models

Style Seat
Std Rumble Seat
24 lbs
Dlx Rumble Seat
43 lbs



Gun Carrier
Mounts to rack behind mini truck cab
Tight grip holding cradles secure two guns

Gun Carrier    MTCCPR700    12 lbs   $136.00



Hunting Bow Carrier
Mounts to rack behind cab
Carrier secures one hunting bow

Bow Carrier   MTB70  115 lbs    $115.00


Mini Truck Headache Rack Spare Tire Holder
Two Optional Width Ranges 36" to 50" or 50"-64"
Fits Mini Trucks, ATVs and UTVs

Folding UTV Or Mini Truckbed Step Up
Mounts to rear hitch for walk in access to truck bed
14" wide By 16" long step made of aircraft aluminum
Price: $ 130.00

Basket Attachment
This black expanded steel mesh basket attaches
to the rear receiver hitch which is purchase separately.
Rear Stow Basket
30” x 18” x 12”


Ladder Rack
The ladder rack attaches to the front and rear
receiver hitches which are purchased separately.

Ladder Carrier

Mini Truck Gate Rail Covers
Protective Diamond Tread Caps
We Can Also Do Black Rail Covers
Side Rail Diamond Tread Cap    (set of two)
Tail Gate Diamond Tread Cap
Inside Tailgate Diamond Tread Covers Top Too
Side Rail Diamond Tread Cap    (set of two)
Tail Gate Diamond Tread Cap
Inside Tailgate Diamond Tread Covers Top Too

Bright Diamond Plate Mud Flaps

Bright Diamond Plate Mud Flaps
Price for 1 set (2 sets needed - 1 in front & 1 in back of each rear tire)

Dump Kits - Essential Components Only
These Components come with free plans for building your dump
Pump & Reservoir - $650.00 - Cylinder - $175.00
Three components ship for $50.00

Please note box plate below.

Front Box Plate
If your truck bed is connected to the cab, this plate is needed to install the dump.
Box Front Plate

Picture Not Available.


Heavy Duty 4,500 LB Capacity Winch
Cast aluminum and durable steel components

Comes with 3 braking systems

If buying the winch, also order the 2” front receiver hitch for a front mount winch, and
if you also want the option for a rear mount, please also order the 2” rear receiver hitch.

If using only truck front for winch, first 4 parts are necessary, but an extra QC96 quick
connect is needed if you are also wanting the option of moving the winch to truck rear.

The U4500 winch comes with 38' of cable
The U4500W winch comes with 52' of cable

Only Winch Kit Component Prices Include Shipping

* required components of winch kit

*Part # TWU4500W (WIDE) Winch  $295.00
*Part # TW100620 male receiver mount $62.00
*Part # TWQC20 electric quick connect $12.00
*Part # TWQC96 quick connect (front) $30.00
  Part # TWQC96 quick connect (rear) $30.00

Wheel Hub Adapters
Since most ATV wheels are 110 in size, some
may want to convert 100 to 110 or 115 to 110


Four 1” adapters changing 4/100 into 4/110

Wheel Spacer & Wheel Adapter Sets All Ship For $18.00 To US Mainland Locations

Wheels Spacers
To widen the track of your truck
& to reduce possible wheel well rubbing

Four 1” 4/100 bolt pattern spacers
Four 1” 4/115 bolt pattern spacers
Four 1”  4/110 bolt pattern spacers 
Four 1.5” 4/115 bolt pattern spacers 
Four 1.5” 4/110 bolt pattern spacers
Four 2” 4/115 bolt pattern spacers
Four 2” 4/110 bolt pattern spacers

Don't See The Accessories You Are Looking For?
Please Feel Free To Tell Us What You Are Hoping To Find.

Since Some of Our Suppliers Don't Ship To Canada You May
Want To Use A Parcel Service On the US Side Of The Border

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For mini trucks, we also sell wheels and tires packages, service manuals,
used parts, and new parts.

Or call in your order

Monday - Friday: 9am- 5pm (PST)
Call Rick McClain at 503-922-0031
or fill out the inquiry form

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