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Used Mini Trucks - Single Units, Container Loads, Accessories, New Parts, Used Parts, Rebuilds, Snow Plows, Wheels/Tires & Camo


When Experience And Reputation Count, Think Best Used Tractors For Mini Trucks.

Mini Trucks Make The Best Small Service Trucks You Can Buy And/Or Sell







We have many EPA approved, certified engine truck models we can import to the USA.
Our Yard is not in or near Tokyo, but is safely away from there.

We sell to the US, To Canada, And Countries Around the Globe

For Wholesale Purchases Go To: Import Mini Truck Container

For Wholesale To Canada go To: Mini Trucks Containers Canada

Importing Units Since 2004
Offices in Eugene Oregon and Forest Grove Oregon

Dairy Cow Suzuki
Milk Tank Mini Truck
Beef Cattle Mini

Why Choose Best Used Tractors As Your Kei Truck Importer
  1 Experienced: We have imported these used Japanese mini trucks since 2004.
  1 Legal: We are officially EPA approved to import used compliant kei trucks.
  1 Record: We have not had a container returned to Japan for non-compliance.
  1 Instructive: We answer your questions about the process before you order.
  1 Choices: We can supply many makes and years of used Japanese kei trucks.
  1 Quality: Our trucks are better quality which allows us to ship direct to you.
  1 Discounts: Our container buyers get discounts on accessories, wheels & tires.
  1 Support: We can supply you with almost anything you need for your trucks.

Keep Warm And Dry In Winter Inside A Heated Mini Truck Cab

The Air Conditioned Units Can Also Keep You Cool In Summer

Winched Crane Truck
Play In The Mud Mini
Maximized Daihatsu Hijet


Buying Container Loads At Wholesale Prices
Seven 1992 to 1998 units will fit within a 40' container.  Six 1999 and newer minitrucks will fit in a 40' container.  Although we do not sell smaller quantities of trucks in containers direct from Japan to you, we will try to help those who want to buy multiple units at wholesale to link up with others who are looking to do the same.  It is common for those wanting trucks to order container loads.  Buyers who can order six or seven at a time have their orders submitted to our supplier in Japan right away.  It takes longer to help you partner with other nearby buyers. 

The 1991-1994 units are the best priced carbureted units. The 1995-1998 units are not currently allowed to be imported.  They are carbureted.  Trucks built in those years have the best availability on parts, accessories, and custom wheels in the US. These units take a little longer to collect in the quality we require.  The 1999 and newer trucks are fuel injected, have a little more leg room, and a higher percentage of them have air conditioning.  The 1999 and newer trucks take less time to collect to fill customer orders. Note: Fuel injeted units are more reliable and get better miles per gallon than carbureted units.

Fire Wood Carry
Daihatsu With Tractor
Camo Hunting Hijet

Why Not Finally Market Something You and Your Buyers Can Get Excited About?
Help farmers and ranchers switch from gas-guzzling, full-sized pickups to high mpg mini trucks.

Orange Micro Truck
Yellow Mini Truck
Red Honda Acty

The Small Used Work Trucks Are Great For Innumerable Off Road Uses

The Japanese have been making right-hand drive, light-duty trucks for decades.  Best Used Tractors can import these used minitrucks in containers to the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and to many other countries around the globe. All we need is an English speaking contact person. These used kei trucks can be utilized off road here in the US, Canada, and elsewhere like farm utility vehicles, as ranch trucks, as off-road trail vehicles for hunters and rescue teams, as wholesale nursery stock transporters, as compact maintenance vehicles for golf courses, schools and universities, municipalities, parks, and zoos. They can be used at automobile wrecking yards, airports, docks & harbors, lumber yards, manufacturers, mines, parking garages, stadiums, warehouses, dairies, orchards, stables, cemeteries, hotels, marinas, campgrounds, orchards, resorts, theme parks, corporate campuses, factories, oil refineries, coal mines, movie sets, fish farms, chicken processors, and as transporters of endless other types of equipment within large storage yards.  One company is even turning them into mini trash trucks. Survivalists are buying them too. By far, the largest number of these great little units end up being used as versatile little farm trucks and go-anywhere hunting trucks. Every couple of days or so, for years now, owners literally rave to us about their great little farm/ranch service trucks.  Some states permit them on public roads.  

These extremely useful little trucks can do a lot of the same hauling jobs that off road, used utility vehicles can do, but with a more solid cab and a longer truck bed – all at very high miles per gallon of gas.  They are also less expensive than typical utility vehicles.  Like utility vehicles, 4X4 kei trucks can do their work in the dirt.  Mini trucks are less expensive than regular pick-up trucks, can drive through narrower places, and tear up the land far less than their larger counterparts.  The number of off road functions these small trucks can perform is almost endless.  Hunters who have gotten cold and wet riding their utility vehicles, their ATVs, and their jacked-up golf carts in the fall, find they are much more comfortable sitting in heated truck cabs.  Some units also come with air conditioning for comfort on hot, humid, summer days.


  • Double Duty Mini
    Extended Cab Model
    Scissor Dump Truck

    Kei Truck Manufacturing Background In Japan

    Starting in the sixties, the Japanese manufactured what they termed “Kei class” vehicles (now generally called “K-class”).  Kei means “light weight”.  These were built as a less expensive, fuel efficient, shorter, narrower, and lighter alternative to the standard size and weight vehicles termed “joyousha”.  The K-class vehicles have included passenger cars, vans, and trucks. Best Used Tractors imports used K-class trucks, the extended cab trucks, the vans, and the deck vans, but not the passenger cars.  The Japanese have used these small, off-road trucks to perform a myriad of burden carrier tasks.  They have often equipped the rear truck beds of these little trucks with specialized industry specific equipment.  When people consider their special-purpose vehicle options, they often find these pint-sized trucks from Japan to be their best choice.  Some US buyers have done the same with their little all-terrain trucks.  Some have made them into field spray vehicles.  A friend in the business makes some into mini fire trucks.  .

    The 80’s had mostly 40 horsepower 550cc engines, and the 90’s onward had mostly 45 horsepower 660cc engines.  The average number of miles driven per year in Japan is only about 6,000, so these vehicles usually have a lot of remaining usability.  K trucks have changed in size over the years, but for comparison purposes, units from the 80’s and 90’s are typically about two thirds the length and three quarters of the width of a Dodge Dakota.  K-class vehicle regulations have upgraded repeatedly over the years, mainly to meet ever-tightening emissions standards and crashworthiness requirements.  That means over the decades of production, the Japanese manufacturers have really perfected these great little trucks. For more on the history of these great little trucks go to Kei Truck History.


    Japanese Laws Insure Availability Of Low Cost, High Quality Used Vehicles

    In Japan, there are punitive costs involved in keeping older vehicles on the road.  There is the “shaken” or registration fee, the “zeiken” or taxes, the “shakoshomei” or parking fees, and the “hokken” or insurance.  The new vehicle “shaken” lasts for three years.  Then the expensive “shaken” registration must be renewed every two years, coupled with mandatory periodic maintenance checks.  Although these mandatory checks keep Japanese vehicles in good running condition, those same laws force heavy depreciation of perfectly fine used kei trucks.  That means good prices on great quality used K trucks for buyers outside of Japan.

    4 Door Deck Van Mini Truck
    1992 K-Van Mini Truck
    4 Door Deck Van
    Mini Van
    Snow Track Modification

    Major Japanese Vehicle Manufacturers Make These Terrific Small Trucks

    The major Japanese mini truck manufacturers, in order of recent Japanese sales volumes are:  the Suzuki Carry, the Daihatsu Hijet (Subsidiary of Toyota), the Honda Acty, the Subaru Sambar (Fuji Heavy Industries), the Mitsubishi Minicab, the Nissan Clipper (built by Mitsubishi), and the Mazda Scrum (Made by Suzuki).  We no longer import the Honda trucks.  Since most of these manufacturers market other vehicles in the US, importers have often acquired many parts for these off-road utility vehicles within the US.  We sell a lot of parts for these versatile little trucks.

    The specs on these little trucks vary from make to make and from year to year, but you may find the size averages below useful.  These trucks are typically 10'10" in total length, about 4'6" in total width, and about 5'8" in height.  The typical wheelbase on these mini trucks is 6'3", and the inside dimensions of the bed are 4'1" by 6'6".  They run about 1,400 lbs. each.  They have manual transmissions with 4 or 5 forward gears - occasionally 6 forward gears.  Some also have high and low ranges or extra low 1st gear.  These mini utility trucks start out with 5.80-12 tires, but some buyers switch to 6.00-12 mud and snow tires, ATV tires, or tractor tires or the off- road wheels and tires we sell.  They usually come with radios.  Occasionally they have air conditioning.  Sometimes they have dump beds as well.  Scissor lift kei trucks are very, very rare.

    Mini Truck Dump Truck
    Off Road Medical Response Team Truck
    farm mini truck
    Dump Truck Option
    Off-Road Medical Response Team
    Mini With Dog Boxes

    Used Japanese Mini Trucks Available From Best Used Tractors in Containers

    Best Used Tractors sells these trucks in containers to wholesaler buyers and to others who need groups of them.  Typically, seven of these small trucks will fit in a high cube 40’ container.  When you order units newer than 1999, only six will fit into a shipping container. There are no import regulations on the use of Japanese kei trucks over 25 years old (these can be used on public roads).  Our focus, however, is on units from the 90’s and newer since features improved over the years.  Most buyers prefer the 660cc units from the 90's over the 550cc engines from the 80's.  For a higher price we can provide units as new as 2013.  Even though these units cannot be used on federal highways, there are innumerable possible uses for them off of the public roadways.  2WD and 4WD units are both available, but we normally sell only 4WD minitrucks.  Once in a while, more expensive used kei dump trucks and deck vans are also available.  Vans are not hard to get, but they take up a lot of space in the shipping container.  Some dealers buy the standard units and convert them into little dump trucks over here in the U.S.

    Americans need affordable farm and ranch vehicles.  With today's high fuel prices, there is an opportunity to help our fellow Americans with farm and ranch vehicles that are cheaper to buy and less expensive to operate than regular pickup trucks. These small, used Japanese trucks are those vehicles. Meet the need for inexpensive, high miles per gallon vehicles.  Take advantage of the demand for these trucks.  Just make sure you get your containers of used mini trucks from a reputable supplier.  If the economy goes downhill too far, it would be wise for you and your friends to have these little trucks since they are about the best vehicle you could have if you needed increasingly to hunt for your own food. 

    Suzuki Hunting Truck
    Mini Movie Truck
    Mini Farm Truck

    There are a lot of things out there we can invest in, but we especially like these trucks. Lifted and mounted with the right tires, these trucks can get around amazingly well in rough terrain.  If you find a superior quality used kei truck supplier, and if you are in an excellent market, used Japanese minitrucks can do more than just make you money because outfitting them and selling them has also been very enjoyable for many.

    Speed Control Governors Required By EPA For These Imported Trucks

    Best Used Tractors imports these trucks with EPA approved governors.  Although most kei truck importers usually do not have problems with their governors at customs inspections, we don't, since ours were the ones actually submitted to the EPA for approval.  If other companies tell you that they can import these small used Japanese trucks without governors, they do so against the law.  We suggest that you not put your hard earned funds at risk with such marketers.  In the United States these trucks are primarily for off- road use.  It is against federal law to license these trucks for use on US federal highways.

    Expedition Mini Truck
    Snow Blower Kei truck
    Beachcomber Mini Truck


    State Laws Regarding Mini Trucks

    Although there are federal laws about these used Japanese trucks, each state has its own laws.  Some states license these trucks for use on public roads.  In all states the trucks are excluded from use of interstate highways.  Some have speed restrictions as well.  For a list of states and their laws, please visit the following website produced by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety:

    Hunters Love Minis
    Family Farm Mini Trucks
    Dogs Love Minis


    Give us a call. We invite your questions.
    Contact Dennis at 503-992-8867
    or email


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    The Uses of Mini Trucks are Almost Endless.

    Mini In Pickup Bed
    Camping Boat Launch Mini
    Four-by-Four Within Mini


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