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You can order the following used mini excavator brands in containers from Japan.
Kobelco - Komatsu - IHI - Hitachi - Some Others

Containers of Excavators:
Go To heavy equipment container quote request

Individual Excavators and Mini Excavators Also Often Available Stateside
Ask Dennis at

Just Looking For Parts?
GO TO: Domestic Parts
GO TO: Gray Market Parts

THE BEST USED TRACTORS HEAVY EQUIPMENT CHOICES: We have chosen to help you import mini excavators (often called trackhoes) by Kobelco, Komatsu, IHI, and Hitachi because these makes have excellent parts availability in the United States.  We do not import Kubota, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Hokoatsu mini excavators, or any other make not listed above due to some difficult parts availability.  If you want our assistance importing one of these latter makes, we need  proof of good parts availability within the US before we would proceed on your behalf.  Most units come from Japan, but we have sources in South Korea as well.

WE SELL USED JAPANESE MINI EXCAVATORS IN CONTAINERS: Best-Used-Tractors will help you get used Japanese mini excavators at excellent dealer wholesale prices if you can purchase a quantity of them in containers from Japan. You can buy the mini excavators in 20’ containers and 40’ containers, depending on the unit sizes. The containers that are filled with mini excavators will come directly from Japan to your local unloading dock.  To let us know what you seek, please go to the heavy equipment container quote request link below, click on it, and then give us the details of what you are looking for.

IF YOU SEEK AN INDIVIDUAL EXCAVATOR FROM JAPAN: We prefer only to sell entire containers of heavy equipment from Japan unless you buy a large excavator.  If we have a unit in the US already, we can sometimes help you with just one.  If you want us to help you to acquire just one unit from Japan, then that unit must be large enough to be worth our time and effort.  If you seek an individual excavator that is still in Japan, it must be at least as large as a Hitachi EX60 or a Komatsu PC75 for us to buy from Japan on your behalf.  Smaller excavators from Japan will only be solid in containers. Some other examples of single units we would sell are:  Komatsu PC 300 - PC 350 - PC400 - PC 450; Hitachi EX 300 - EX 400 - EX 450; and Kobelco SK 200 - SK 300 - SK 320 - SK 322 SK 322L - SK 322BL - SK 400.

WE SELL ALL YEAR LONG, BUT AUCTION TIMES HAVE THE BEST PRICES: The heavy equipment auction yards have a few very large auctions each year.  Some yards also have monthly auctions.  The prices are their best at auction times, but all year long we can purchase for just a little higher than the auction prices.  You tell us what you want in detail, and you determine the timing.  In two or three weeks from your commissioning and funding, we will typically have acquired what you desire within your agreed upon price range.

YOU TELL US THE KIND OF UNITS YOU WANT PRICE QUOTES ON: Although some of your mini excavator preferences are more difficult to supply than others, we still choose to ask you what you would like most in the way of equipment. These mini excavators are so versatile for so many different types of digging projects, that we realize each of you buyers out there may ask for quite a variety of makes and sizes.

You can tell us your preferred brands, sizes, ages, hours, and any other requirements or desires.  The more realistic your preferences, the faster we will be able to get quotes for you.  Those quotes will tell you the make, the year of manufacture, the hours on the units, the unit prices, and you will also be provided with pictures for your evaluation.  If you like what you see, we will also quote you on the shipping, the shipping insurance, and we will give you a customs charge estimate.

HERE IS A LIST OF SOME MODELS THAT ARE COMMONLY AVAILABLE: We can often help you with some of the following mini excavator models in containers from Japan, and sometimes also as individual units here in the United States.  These are not all the used mini excavator models in Japan that we can help you with, but they are more commonly available than other models.

                       Kobelco  SK20, SK30, SK35, SK40, SK45
                       Komatsu PC20, PC30, PC35, PC40, PC45
                       Hitachi   EX20, EX30, EX35, EX40, EX45
                       IHI  30JX, 35J, 40JX, 45NX

OTHER USED HEAVY EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE FROM JAPAN: In addition to used excavators and mini excavators, there are dozens of other types of used heavy equipment that can be had in Japan.  We prefer mostly to help you with mini excavators and with bulldozers such as the Komatsu D20 or D21, but we could also help you with some nice used wheel loaders, articulated loaders, 2 ton dump trucks, and/or dump carriers.  Just tell us what you are interested in.

The Main Hydraulic Excavators For Which We Supply Excavator Parts
Caterpillar, Samsung, Hitachi, John Deere, Kobelco,
Case, Daewoo, Hyundai, Volvo, Komatsu, Link Belt

For Some Excavator Manufacturers We Have Superior Quality Excavator Parts.
We specialize in excavator final drives and excavator travel motors.

We also specialize in new excavator slewing rings, excavator track springs,
excavator swing motor assemblies, excavator main hydraulic pumps,
heavy equipment engines, and more.


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We do not do sight unseen tractor appraisals.
Parts seekers please click "Parts" link at page side instead of calling us at Best Used Tractors.
Thank you!



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