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Rotary & Finish Mower, Three Point Forklift, New Tiller Inquiry/Order Page  

We use the Mid West yard as a shipping location because it is closer to more buyers than our Oregon location.

Out Of Stock
Contact & Shipping Information

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Lowery rotary mower - 42" - $604
Lowery rotary mower - 4' - $610
Lowery rotary mower - 5' - $629
Lowery rotary mower - 6' - $738

HD Andy rotary cutter - 5' - $674
HD Andy rotary cutter - 6' - $772
Andy's lower edge made of 6" channel running length of cutter
for use in fields containing more than the usual amount of rock

Sitrex Italian finish mower - 4' - $1,340
Sitrex Italian finish mower - 5' - $1,370
Sitrex Italian finish mower - 6' - $1,490

New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Flash)- 40" - $1,122
New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Flash) - 48" - $1,178
New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Holiday) - 41" - $1,343
New Italian Del Morino Tiller (Holiday) - 49" - $1,374
New Italian Del Morino Tiller - 57" (Holiday) - $1,458
New Italian Del Morino Tiller - 65" (Holiday) - $1,584

Each mower maker above has their own website for pictures, etc.
(The Andy is also made by Lowery)

The above mowers and tillers are in stock
Ask for your shipping quote at
(Povide contact info, city, state, zip for quote)
The mowers and other implements below are out of stock

Your Mower or Fork Lift Order Choices

Check Order Item
60" Rotary Mower
Out of Stock
72" Rotary Mower
Out of Stock
60" Finish Mower - Rear
In Stock
72" Finish Mower - Rear
Out of Stock
Fork Lift
Out of Stock
Fork Lift w/ Pump Kit
Out Of Stock
Fork Lift Adapter
Out Of Stock
60" Finish Mower - Side
Out of Stock
Shipping Rate from Chart:
Purchase Grand Total:


Form of Your Payment
Best-Used-Tractors accepts payments by personal check, cashier's check, money order, credit card, or PayPal.
When you click the submit button below a page will come up giving you credit card or PayPal access if payning that way. 

Please tell us which form of payment to expect for our records:

 Personal Check: Cashier's check: Money Order: Credit Card: PayPal:


If you are paying by credit card please call in your order:

For proper department phone number see Contacts Page.

For fastest processing make payment by PayPal as follows:
Got to your PayPal account or create one at
Click on the "send money" tab.
In the "to" box enter
Enter your total invoice amount including shipping if any.
Click on send money for "goods".
Please verify that your shipping destination is correct.

In the message box under email to recipient indicate purchased items.

  If you are sending a check please make it out to
Best Used Tractors and mail or overnight it to:

Rick McClain - Best Used Tractors

*If your check is from a name other than the one on your order form please include a note that links that check to your order so we can credit you for your purchase.

Rotary & Finish Mower Contact:
Or call in your inquiry/order
Monday - Friday: 9am- 5pm (PST)
Go to Contacts Page


It is only necessary to click on the "Submit" button once.


If you need more information regarding Paypal you can visit our
Paypal information page.
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