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Diesel Trucks For Sale – Used Toyota/Nissan/Mazda Diesel Pick Ups In Containers

We Sell Mostly Used Mazda Bongo, Nissan Vanette, and Toyota Hilux Diesel Pickups From Japan


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For These And Other Japanese Units We Also Sell Japanese Vehicle Half Cuts


Japanese Diesel Pickups Available To Countries Outside The USA – See Below
Used Japanese Mini Trucks Are Now Available Worldwide – Go To Mini Trucks
Used 2 Ton Construction Dump Trucks Available Outside The USA – See Dump Trucks

These Are Not Used Japanese Mini Trucks


Vehicle Type: Mazda Bongo/ Nissan Vanette

Sample TruckYear: 1997
Displacement:  2,184cc
Steering: Right
Transmission: 5SPD
Fuel: Diesel
Models: KB-SE28T/ SD2AT/SE28M
Options: PW/ A/C/ PS/4WD
Drive Type: 2wheel drive
Fuel Capacity: 15.3 gal
Capacity: 1.2 to 1.4 Ton depending on model
Gates: Fold down rear & side gates


Vehicle Type: Mazda Bongo/ Nissan Vanette
Sample Truck Year: 2003
Displacement: 2,184 cc
Steering: Right
Transmission:  5SPD
Fuel: Diesel
Model: KJ-SK22T/ KB-SE28T/ SD2AT/SE28M
Options: Airbag / PW/ A/C/ PS/4WD
Drive Type: 2wheel drive
Fuel Capacity: 15.3 gal
Capacity: 1.2 to 1.4 Ton Depending on Model
Gates: Fold down rear & side gates


Used Japanese Diesel Pickup Trucks In Containers: Best Used Tractors acquires primarily nicer quality Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan diesel pickups (3.5 to 4.0 in quality rating) through our contacts in Japan. We have unique connections in the industry that allow us to acquire diesel trucks at better prices and in better quality than through those who rely entirely on auctions. Our main Japanese partner has the background, the mechanics, and the solid relationship with us that helps us make sure the trucks we ship are excellent quality in fully operational condition.These used trucks when purchased go into containers, and ship to our buyers worldwide outside of the United States. We cannot bring these nice diesel trucks into the United States due to federal restrictions. The quantity packed in containers depends in part on the mechanical capabilities of our buyers. We do not sell individual used diesel pickup trucks.

Makes Of Used Diesel Pickup Trucks We Market:  We select to sell in quanities in containers truck makes and models that have good reliability records, reasonable availability, desirable condition, and affordable prices. Although we prefer to sell the Mazda Bongo, the Nissan Vanette, and the Toyota Hilux Pickup trucks, there are other diesel pickup trucks that would meet our requirements. The Nissan Vanette trucks are made by Mazda, and therefore look just like the Mazda Bongo trucks. Please feel free to tell us what trucks you are looking for. If we think what you are seeking is not a good bet for some reason, we will tell you. While we prefer not to sell entire container loads of the makes and models we consider less desirable for one reason or another, we will consider individual units to add to the container loads of models we do prefer. We can also sell 2WD and gas driven trucks, but the 4WD diesels and turbo diesels are the most popular. There are also several body styles including dump trucks.

Add Other Used Items To Your Trucks In Containers:
Some spare engine and/or other parts can be included in the shipping containers with your trucks. You can mix and match other diesels, small heavy equipment, mini trucks, AG equipment, motorcycles, bicycles, and other equipment into your container
where space around your trucks permits, and what your import country allows. Just tell us what you are looking for.

*We do not work with letters of credit or escrow accounts.. While both are valid forms
of payment and common business practice, it does delay payment to the supply yards in Japan.
The yards we work in Japan with insist upon payment in full before the goods are shipped

The diesel pickup trucks cannot be shipped into the USA!!!

For More On Importing Diesel Trucks To Your Country Go To Diesel Pickups Form.

Canadians wishing to import one vehicle from Japan go to: JDM to Canada

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For 2 Ton/4 Ton Dump Trucks In Containers From Japan, Go To Used Dump Trucks



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