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  Individual Yanmar Tractor Seekers  

We No longer Sell Gray Market Yanmar Tractors


Financing available for reconditioned Yanmars from $5,000 to $100,000 go to On Line Financing
Loan only is available when applicant submits a schedule F with taxes.

NOTE: Although we do not ship from Oregon our sales office is in Oregon where there is NO SALES TAX.

The Only Used Gray Market Tractor Make We Sell Individual Units Of Now Is Yanmar
At Best-Used-Tractors LLC we like lots of makes and models of used Japanese tractors. Some we like better than others because of engineering design and by long term reputaion. Yanmar invented the first horizontal diesel engine. They have perfected diesel engines. We most prefer used Yanmar compact tractors, because not only are they well made, but Yanmar is the gray market tractor make for which parts are easiest to supply. In fact, a lot of less expensive aftermarket tractor parts are available specifically for Yanmar, making it the tractor that is less expensive to maintain. There are so many aftermarket parts for Yanmar tractors specifically that parts for them are typically less than OEM parts for all those "domestic" name tractors - most of which were not made in the US. We know the best suppliers of those parts. We are proud to sell individual used Yanmar tractors, or small groups of them from our US based reconditioning center.
You may want more than one for your location outside of the US. We can still help.

We Suggest That You Not Buy Cheap Junk Tractors
Not only is Yanmar the best of the Japanese makes of compact tractor, but used Japanese Yanmar tractors are vastly superior to the cheap junk new tractors from China. Do yourself a favor by purchasing a tractor that will work for you for many years. These are reconditioned here in the United States, and not in Vietnam. Please be aware that most dealers who sell used compact tractors reconditioned in Vietnam do not state that fact on their websites or on Ebay. No matter what those who sell the Vietnamese reconditioned Yanmars tell you, those tractors are not even remotely similar in quality to what we provide. Before you buy from our competition we suggest that you ask them if their tractors are worked on in Vietnam. If the hour meter has less than 100 hours on it, its from the Vietnamese - even though it is not uncommon for them to start with a parts tractor that has a few thousand hours on it.

If you look at a Yanmar in person open the front axle and see what they may have put inside to hide seal and bearing problems. Open the radiator cap, run the tractor briefly, and see what that reveals. In other words, just look beyond the nice paint job. Sometimes the competition also uses Vietnamese front end loaders which significantly lack in quality and do not have proper parts support in the US. Ask those without a vested interest about tractors done in Vietnam. You get what you pay for is still true. We have an excellent price for the quality we supply. While some suppliers feel OK pretending to offer quality Yanmars, we choose instead to actually deliver the even more quality than you hope for. If you get a quote elsewhere after your Best Used Tractors quote, we know there are a few good deals out there for many makes of tractors, but feel free to share with us what kind of line they are feeding you. It may actually be a good deal, and it may be honestly presented to you, but we have also heard a number of the bogus claims that have suckered trusting people.

No Other Yanmar Reconditioning Facility Can Compare
Our US based reconditioning center thoroughly goes through each tractor to make sure the reconditioning process includes everything necessary to turn out reliable, beautiful Yanmar tractors. The reconditioning center does so much more work on the Yanmars that no other reconditioning center in the world can even come close to the quality. Each Yanmar tractor goes through a far beyond expected examination and repair process. Most get new radiators, new headlights, new batteries, new seats, new seals, new water pumps, new belts and hoses, new engine rings (none with blowby), new hood latches, new switches, starter interlock switches, and a lot more.Not only are they functionally terrific, but each gets fresh paint and excellent to new rubber. Every expertly reconditioned Yanmar we sell now also comes automatically with a certified ROPS, a protective PTO shield, overrun couplers, every needed operational decal, and the manuals that will help you take care of your Yanmar. These tractors are so carefully worked on that each comes with a six month warranty on them. If you buy a Yanmar from a different source that does not meticulously examine and repair Yanmars you could end up with expensive hidden problems. No place in America can do more quality work to the Yanmars for as fair a price as this reconditioning ceneter. And you get to see the amazing amount of work that was done to your specific Yanmar, because when you receive your Yanmar you also get the mechanic's checklist/worksheet that tells everything that was done to that tractor. We can ship from the reconditioning center to anywhere in the United States. At the time of your purchase it is also possible to get a Koyker front end loader mounted to your tractor, and to include whatever implements you prefer to add.

If the economy tanks, and that is a possibility, having a very dependable used compact tractor along with a tiller could help many people prepare there own much needed large vegetable garden. You might want to get yours before it get's tough to supply you with a dependable compact Yanmar tractor. You don't want to let fear rule you, but it is wise to be prepared.

If I Were You, How Would I Determine Which Affordable Compact Import Tractor To Buy?
I had very little money I would start out by praying for a miracle.There actually are a few of those out there. I would look for something extra cheap and hope it did not cost me more to repair than a better tractor would cost. I might have to do that if I didn't have much money.

I would look for a make that had a good reputation. I would look for a make and model that was designed to last. And I would look for the one that had the best parts availability. That would be Yanmar. Yanmar makes the best compasct tractors in the world, and there are lots of less expensive aftermarket parts available for Yanmar. I spoke with a man many years ago who had 16,000 hours on his little Yanmar .I asked him how he kept it working so long. He said he bought a quality make, was religious about changing the oil filter and the air filter, and never tried to do work with his little tractor that it was not meant to perform.. That was it.

If I had a little more money, but not enough for a good new tractor, I would seek an expertly reconditioned Yanmar. That way all the needed repairs would already be taken care of. Then I could depend on my tractor when I needed it. Of course, that would depend on how well the reconditioning was done. Some who recondition tractors do only a superficial job, mostly just trying to make the units look good. Personnally I would not want a nice looking tractor that just sits in my barn because it doesn't work well. After visiting tractor yards in Japan, reconditioning them ourselves, visiting other Yanmar dealers for many years, hearing US dealer reputations, and then spending two days scrutinizing the reconditioning center people and their processes, it became clear to me and those visiting with me, that none could compare with our chosen reconditioning center.

I would not want to wait a long time for my tractor. Even if the model you seek is not already reconditiond at our center it can be efficiently and thoroughly reconditioned in only a few days. I would want some kind of guaranty that I was getting quality in reality and not just in words. The six month warranty verifies that. If problems occur we are there for you AFTER THE SALE to help make things right. And of course I would want a good price. The reconditioning center does a lot of work to their tractors for less than we might think, since they have so many parts made exclusively for them. Then Best Used Tractors sells these great little Yanmar tractors for less than the reconditioning center does - and with no state sales tax. So if I was wanting to buy a reliable, affordable used compact import tractor, I would buy a reconditioned Yanmar - and I would buy it from myself for the best deal..

Fill Out Our Yanmar Tractor Seeker Form If Are Looking For A Yarmar Of Your Own
If you click below on your state, that will take you to the secure individual tractor seeker form. There you can tell us the model you prefer, or the horepower, and how you want your tractor equipped. We will take it from there to serve you as best we can when we know the details of what you are looking for. Our business headquarters are in Oregon where there is no sales tax.
We will deal honestly with you. We ask that you do the same with us. Please do not tell us you are sending payment unless you are certain you are doing so. It is unfair to those others seriously interested in the same units to be told they are not available because we have reserved them for those not really sending payment.

Financing available from $5,000 to $100,000 go to On Line Financing

Loan only is available when applicant submits a schedule F with taxes.



You can also send an email to our tractor man Dennis at

If You Already Have A Yanmar Tractor You May Want One Of The Following:

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ROPS For Yanmar Tractors

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Manuals For Yanmar Tractors

You may call small tractors you seek used lawn tractors, used farm tractors, used garden tractors, or used compact tractor, but what we sell are true diesel powered compact tractors. We do not sell glorified riding lawn mowers.

We no longer sell individual Mitsubishi tractors, Iseki tractors, Shibaura tractors, Hinomoto tractors, Satoh tractors, Suzue tractors, and Zen-noh tractors. Many of these are nice, but we prefer to sell our favorite - Yanmar. If you seek one of these other makes you should find suppliers around the country via the internet. For specs on some of the makes go to our specifications page.


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We do not do sight unseen tractor appraisals.
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Thank you!



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