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Mini Truck Camo: Get The Easiest To Apply Removable Vinyl Camo Wrap


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29 Patterns Below


Camo Wrap Pattern: Lost Camo AT

Next Camo Bonz
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Proveil Victory
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Authorized Camoclad Dealer

Best Used Tractors offers only better quality mini truck camo kits.. Camoclad is a superior camo graphics company, in part because as the inventors of camo vinyl kits they have had longer to perfect the art.

Camoclad camo kits are made from very durable thick vinyl sheets that can last a decade. In 2010, Camo Clad made a major improvement to their product line. Their new product uses premium 3M cast vinyl materials to produce a camouflage kit with an industry-leading durability rating against fading. Unlike other vinyl products, cast vinyl provides better print quality and materials free of edge lifting, peeling, cracking and pulling away. This new removable material, 3M 180C, is highly conformable and contains air release technology providing a simple, clean, bubble-free installation.

The camo sheets go on easy, and although they bond tightly, they can be peeled back to make application corrections or to remove entirely. Enhance your truck appearance with the beautiful Camoclad camouflage. We believe a homemade camo job cannot compare to these. It does not take a professional or special tools to install your Camoclad vinyl coverings.

There are other excellent camo wrap suppliers on the market with additional appealing camo patterns. We know, however, there are also some knock-off's out there with inferior materials that peel, tear, and fade. You don't want one of those on your truck. Check on any camo wrap supplier you are considering to make sure they are official authorized dealers for the camo manufacturer of interest.

Some of you just want your truck to look great, and those who make that the most important factor in choosing a pattern will find some superior looking camo wrap patterns here. For instance the Next Camo Bonz pattern fits that agenda. Others want to blend in where they hunt. For those of you wilth that goal, we suggest thinking about your brush, woods, or forrest, and then trying to come close to that with one of our patterns.
For instance, Lost Camo AT looks like a lot of guys woods.


Order your 4 camo pattern sheets for only $345.00
The price also includes a squeegee, instructions on-line, and Free Shipping.
(Free shipping only within the continental US – other areas call for shipping quote)

Each Sheet Is 4' by 5'

Four sheets will cover the cab and the outside of your mini truck bed gates.
If you make a mistake, you can buy a single sheet for $85.00 plus shipping.

For miniTrucks we also sell parts, accessories, & wheels & tires.

Or call in your order
Monday - Friday: 9am- 5pm (PST)
Contact Dennis at 503-992-8867
or email

or emial the inquiry form below

Please Use This Order Form Or Call In Your Order

Make Your Choice From The Following Great Looking Patterns:
Check (click) the box next to your preferred choice.

Heartland Field Grass
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Kloak -Strutkon
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

True Timber Conceal
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

True Timber Conceal Green
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

True Timber Flooded
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

True Timber MC2 Snow
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Lost Camo
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Lost Camo AT
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

True Timber XD3
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Mothwing Winter Mimicry
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Mothwing Western Mimicry
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Mothwing Spring Mimicry
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Next Camo G2
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Muddy Water Classic
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

True Timber Mixed Pine
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Proveil DFWFX
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Proveil Digital Ghillie

1 Sheet 4 Sheets

Proveil Waterfowl
1 Sheet 4 Sheets

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These are the best camo kits. Accept no cheap imitations. Even though Camoclad is the
best, you can return your unused camouflage kit within ten days in you are not satisfied.


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